Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Baby Quilt

Aunt Gertie was sitting on her front porch swing when Cousin Martha arrived. "What is the plan for today, Auntie?" Martha asked. “We are starting a quilt today Dear. Cousin Kat is having a baby and we need to make that little wonder something to keep her warm.” "Oh! That means a trip to Matilda's Quilt Shop!" Martha exclaimed. Off they went to look for inspiration.

Gertie and Martha were inseparable. They lived next door to each other and what ever one planned, the other was along for the adventure. They each had a sewing room and chosen rooms across the driveway from each other so they could open the window and talk to each other as they worked. They would laugh about using one of those soup can telephones the children play with. They would string it across the driveway so they could talk without the whole neighborhood hearing.

Matilda’s Quilt Shop was always a happening place. Aunt Gertie loved to stop in for the latest news and to caress the fabric. “There is nothing quite like the feel of a piece of cotton that has dreams of becoming a quilt. You can feel the aspirations when you touch the bolt.” Auntie would always say. “Feel this! Can’t you just see the quilt it will make?” Cousin Martha would always agree and some of that fabric would find it’s way home with them.

Today they
were hunting fabric for the baby quilt. They walked right past the baby section. The pastel pinks and blues would never do for this quilt. Cousin Kat would appreciate something a little brighter, maybe a beautiful red. Fabrics were chosen and yardage was cut. Aunt Gertie chose a new embroidery design. Cousin Martha chose ribbons to add to the binding. The quilt was a two block design Aunt Gertie had worked out. They would not have any trouble finishing it in time for the new arrival.

Home again, home again... jiggedy jig. They needed to cut this baby quilt out and get sewing. After the cut out the pieces and divided the work, Martha set up her machine on Aunt Gertie’s cutting table so they could work together. They ordered dinner out and worked until evening. When Cousin Martha was ready to go home, they cleaned up the work space so they could start again early the next morning.

Cousin Martha went home and got ready for bed. It was about midnight when she looked out the window to say goodnight to Aunt Gertie. She opened her window and yelled, “Go to bed Auntie! You won’t finish that quilt tonight. You’re going to fall asleep with your foot on the "go" pedal again, sew through your finger and ruin the block. Then I’ll have to come over, take you to the emergency room. We’ll be up all night. We don’t want to go through that again right?” Aunt Gertie agreed it was time to call it a night.
Off to bed they went to dream of new fabric and new quilt designs. Tomorrow would bring new ideas, new quilt designs, maybe new fabric and always an adventure.

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