Thursday, April 7, 2011

The New Little Girl

All the preparations were made. Aunt Gertie had finished the little blanket for the new baby. Cousin Martha had finished the little bed for The Boys to share. Aunt Gertie had borrowed a larger cage from Aunt Myrtle. Aunt Myrtle has a German Shepherd, Anka, that no longer used her box. Aunt Gertie and Uncle Hap had gone through their dog supplies to make sure they had collars, bowls, leashes etc for a larger dog. They felt they were ready. They had checked with the vet to determine what puppy shots etc. would be required.

Aunt Gertie had been researching online and found a puppy at the local shelter that was a German Shepherd Mix, 6 weeks old. Perfect. Hap and Gertie wanted a rescue dog. They understood they would not know what the Shepherd was mixed with. Off to the shelter they went and as you already know, most people cannot go to the shelter without coming home with a new pet.

Dolly was adorable, although small. She was 6 weeks old and only 3 pounds. Dolly was the smallest in a litter of 6 and the only girl. Her brothers had apparently been 4-5 pounds and had all been adopted already. Poor Dolly was the only one left. After a call to the Vet, Uncle Hap and Aunt Gertie were the proud parents of a new little puppy. They immediately went to the pet supply store to get a new pink harness for Dolly and some puppy food.

Dolly come home and immediately fit in with the boys and was bossing them around by day 2. She gained 1 pound the first week. Things were looking good.

A couple weeks later Aunt Gertie made a vet appointment for Dolly's next puppy shots. They weighed her at the vet and she was only 4.5 pounds. Aunt Gertie had been getting suspicious anyway. Dolly's bone structure looked too small to be that of a Shepherd. She asked the vet what he thought and almost couldn't believe what he said.

"Definately part chihauhau, maybe beagle, maybe miniature pinscher. Definately no part shepherd. Small feet, small head, small ears means small dog."
"Well, How big do you think she will be?" Aunt Gertie asked. "She will not reach 15 pounds." the vet answered very matter of factly.

"I supposed I can buy her little dresses then and maybe a little pink bag to ride around in." Aunt Gertie told Cousin Martha. So the truth was out Aunt Gertie had set out to get a German Shepherd and come home with a Chihuahua. Look out world, we have a guard Chihauhau now, dressed in pink.

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