Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Again..Home Again..

By the end of the week in Daytona, Florida, Aunt Gertie and Cousin Martha were getting tired of the sun. They had been to the beach, up and down the craziness of Main Street during Bike Week, and to all the local quilt shops they could find. They were both sun burnt and had sunglass lines around their eyes. It was time to go home. They loaded everything into the car, all the new fabric they had purchased, the new summer riding jacket for Aunt Gertie, a new helmet for Cousin Martha, motorcycle brochures to show Uncle Hap and all the miscellaneous trinkets that you would buy on vacation. Cousin Martha checked the weather as Aunt Gertie pulled out of the parking lot. "It looks like the weather will be clear all the way home, Auntie. At least we're not going home to a blizzard."

"Martha, You keep an eye out for the electric indians." instructed Aunt Gertie. Uncle Hap had warned them about those signs that shoot electric arrows. "Make sure you change lanes when you see one." He had said. 

The trip home was uneventful as they had hoped. The roads were clear. The weather grew colder, although Aunt Gertie could still feel that spring was in the air. "After Daytona, you know it is almost Spring regardless the weather you see looking out of your window." She said.

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