Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quilt Shop!

A great quilt shop has a mix of fabrics and patterns that appeal to a wide group of quilter's. It must have some basic fabrics that will intermingle with a quilter's existing stash or coordinate with the new fabric they are picking out. Aunt Gertie spent quite a while picking out fat quarters for a table runner. She was feeling like spring so the fabric was pink and green stripes, flowers, and geometric prints. She'd have to work on the pattern when she got home.

Cousin Martha also had a touch of spring fever. She opted for flowers and a new pattern book. She was going to put together a garden quilt when they got back (after she finished one or two of the other projects she had going).

They looked through all the fabrics. Laughed and joked with all the other customers. They discussed how much fabric they had and ow they didn't really need any more as they piled the bolts up on the cutting table. They all agreed they were buying dreams... dreams of the next stunning project.

As they left the shop, Aunt Gertie and Cousin Martha decided it was time to get something to eat. It had been a very busy day. Aunt Gertie knew exactly what she wanted. That alligator in the pet shop had Aunt Gertie thinking. They were in Florida and they could get one of her favorite specialties here, Fried Gator Tail. "It tastes like chicken!" Gertie told Martha. Martha was not so sure. She had heard quite a few things taste like chicken. "They say that about frogs legs and stewed rabbit." Martha replied, "If I want something that tastes like chicken, I'll just get chicken!" Aunt Gertie found a little place on the way back to Daytona that served gator tail and Cousin Martha had chicken.

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